Fifteen itineraries for a new way of tourism

28 June 2021
Fifteen itineraries for a new way of tourism

Fifteen itineraries to discover the wonders of a corner of the Mediterranean, a meeting point between three European countries: Italy, Albania and Montenegro.

Thematic maps have been published for the territories that took part in the Open Tourism project, which will end with a final event at the Porto Cesareo MPA (Italy) next July 2nd.
The publication of the maps, which will help tourists to find their way among the points of interest of the various territories, is one of the main results of the project.
Represented in paper and digital maps, in English and in the languages of the three countries, they aim to enhance the culture, natural beauty and traditions of the partner territories of the Open Tourism project.

The new  Open Tourism thematic itineraries will be:

  1. Terre Mare e Sole – Culture itinerary
  2. Terre Mare e Sole – Nature itinerary
  3. Terre Mare e Sole – Gastronomy itinerary
  4. Biferno – Matese map
  5. Area Marina Protetta Porto Cesareo – Sport and Sea
  6. Area Marina Protetta Porto Cesareo – Architecture, Nature and History
  7. Cetinje – Cetinje: The biggest little town
  8. Cetinje – Cetinje: Tastes and flovors of Cetinje and Old Montenegro
  9. Cetinje – Mountain Lovcen and Lake Skadar: our heritage your inspiration
  10. Cedir – Cultural Tour of Centra Albania
  11. Cedir – Culinari Tour Albania
  12. Cedir – Tirana Outdoors Hidden gems of Tirana
  13. Fier – Fier Regione: Lands of Gods and festival
  14. Fier – Gourmet Fier: cousine festival
  15. Fier – Fier nature: a breathtaking experience

The destinations described in these itineraries are proposed to tourists in a new, open logic.
It is the local community which, thanks to Open Tourism products and services, acts as an interlocutor for tourists. The thematic paths make it possible to enhance the existing local heritage and promote it in a combined and integrated way across borders.